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They are impressive and decorative. The most basic role of a Buddha statue and images is to convey spiritual good mood of calm that reflects mental discipline having control over negative emotions, fear, greed and other weird stuff. A Jade Buddha express serenity and set an example, quiet, smiling, peaceful, beautiful and value.

beautiful and valuable is made from jade. In our website and particular on this page we show you the best places in Asia where you can buy a great images, genuine and no cheating.

We not only show the nature of artwork in relation to environment around them but also some relationship to relicts.

Nobody know if worship of objects was sanctioned by the Buddha. This has lead to practices of magic, miracles and misunderstanding in the past.

Art & images from different material

Many highly respected monks and abbots

are critical of object worship, on the other hand hundreds of people visit one of the most venerated statue created from white jade in Shanghai. Today the most popular items people buy related to are statues, sculptures and jade carvings which are worn as pendants.

Antique items are quite expensive especially when they are made from some beautiful jadeite or nephrite. Usual trading places are London, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and some other.
The difference is, in Asian countries export of the goods is very difficult because of antique restrictions.

Great art is available at shops around the big auction houses and luxury hotels in the east. A typical antique mall is the Tanglin in Singapore, among other.

Contemporary fine art is often made from marble and jade plus

woodcarving, bronze and brass. Many old figurines and other objects have been smuggled out of Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar or Burma and brought to the global market.

But if you see a pretty piece of art for sale, in particular at Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, they are usually fake. But look just like the ancient, be very skeptical, even if this antique dealer present you all kind of certification, often the certificates are fake too.
In recent years laughing Jade Buddha statues, more >
Laughing jade Buddha sculptures laughing Buddha statue from white jade laughing jade Buddha statues lavender and white jade buddha high end laughing jade buddha white jade Buddha with gold and ruby dust
became very popular they are made from Jadeite, for the high end expensive items and from Nephrite for the lower priced. But there are plenty of other parameter to determine the value. There are plenty of jade shops around, the best are in Yangon Myanmar, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and in China.
Laughing Buddha statues is one of the most commonly found. Also known as as Hotei or Pu-Tai in China and very popular as decoration, this is an idea to reflect a Chinese Zen monk who existed long time and is one of the most commonly found images in the world. The rotund protruding abdomen and happy grin speaks for itself. It stands for happiness, good luck, and positive fortune.

Most people in the West know the subject via antiques since this is what many are buying for home decoration.
How to make them from different materials, more >
How to make statues from Bronze, Brass & Marble.
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which has a great smell and good properties for carving. Some handicraft centers where they are made are in Thailandís Chiang Mai, Mandalay and other places in Asia.

Actually all countries have their own style to create artwork from various materials such as wood, brass, bronze, marble, jade and bricks for larger ones.

Made from wood is again diverse, mainly teakwood and sandalwood is used plus other which is available at the particular location.

Theravada has been the main religion around here for over 2500 years and in all this countries they have their particular style to create standing or walking and sitting artwork.
Sometimes its not so easy to distinguish this sculptures from other religious statues, in particular some Hindu Deities are made similar and it needs a closer look to see the difference.

The differences can be seen in the positions and mudras (hand gestures) of Buddha statues. There are various stylish hand-carved statues made from teak, sandal- and other wood.
The golden glinting Buddhist sculptures, more >
are also placed in caves as seen here at the Pindaya Caves close to Inle Lake in Burma, this is an almost endless labyrinth or karst or limestone holes formed over millions of years, thousands of Buddha statues of all shapes and sizes have been brought there, estimates are even up to 10.000 and every day more are coming. The have some problems to find space for the new ones.

This goes on since several hundred years and seems to be never ending. Now, why the people keep doing placing the Buddha statues there? It is a kind of merit making for maybe being born into a better position in the next life which has to be see or not, nobody know, as the Russians say, "maybe rain maybe snow". Here is plenty of rain but no snow there is a lot in the north of the country.
Cave Buddha Statues at Pindaya carved sandalwood sleeping buddha statues
Sandalwood is a great material for carvings, more >
All development of art and crafts came to standstill after the annexation of the country by the British after the Third Anglo-Burmese War in 1885, Mandalay was the last capital (1860-1885) of Burmese Kings.

Ayutthaya and Sukhothai in Thailand are other famous places with beautiful sculptures, pagodas, monasteries and temples.
A reclining or sleeping Buddha, more >
for various purposes, usually they are for religious reasons, but also for decorative and sometimes simply to impress or gain merit. Bigger ones are often done with the usual building materials such a bricks and concrete.
reclining buddha with gold leaves
Stylish hand-carved Buddha statues are made from teak, sandal and other wood, made in Thailandís Chiang Mai, Myanmarís Mandalay, Cambodia's Phnom Penh and other places in Asia.

Actually all countries have their own style to create them from various materials such as brass, bronze, marble, jade and bricks for larger ones.

There are several famous and venerated Buddha statues in all before mentioned countries, a famous sitting one with a thick gold leaf layer on it is the Mahamuni sculpture in Mandalay where they created a particular style which was developed during the nineteenth century, Burma. Pilgrims come from all over Asia to pay respect and around are plenty of workshops where they create this artwork of various sizes and materials. Most common are seated Buddha statues in various mudra positions which are the posture hands and legs are show. .

All development of art and crafts came to standstill after the annexation of the country by the British after the Third Anglo-Burmese War in 1885, Mandalay was the last capital (1860-1885) of Burmese Kings.
Ayutthaya and Sukhothai in Thailand are other famous places with beautiful Buddhist Statues.
In China, Japan and India particular Buddha statues styles have been developed.
The Buddha in Thailand, more >
Buddha statue pictures, more >
here is more about jade Buddha. >
There are many workshops and artists who make them plus some art center. >
workshop at mandalay modern style Thai art brass buddha standing north thailand Buddha Sculptures from northern Thailand North Thailand brass Buddha Statues mandalay workshop with different buddha statues styles buddha statues pictures at sagaing
Related pictures, here are some old and new creations from Myanmar or Burma
Buddhist art at Sagar
Some interesting views from Sagar in Myanmar, more >
Here is more about the Pindaya Caves
and the area around.
Gold and marble art looks good and valuable, see more >
Buddha sculptures made from Jade >
Made from Brass
Made from
Sandalwood >
Made from Stone >
Made from Marble
Made from wood and brass
golden buddhist statues at bagan
Buddhist statues from Bagan >
have an important impact in conveying teachings, especially in traditional societies. Classic postures are associated with particular lessons and events in the his life. Production of religious art has always a "merit making" component in it since it helps spread the teaching and relax people's mental suffering, some of the most .