Buddhist Temples and Shrines


Buddhist Temples and Shrines always have a real exotic and mysterious touch

Dominating the rural landscape in Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar or Burma, Tibet, India etc. They are almost everywhere, in towns, on the banks of a river and sometimes right in rivers, on islands and on top of cliffs in the seas.

Atop hills and mountains, gleaming golden or glinting white in the sunlight and symbolizing the firm faith in Theravada Buddhism.This oriental structures always shows the deep dedication to religion. In recent decades people also creatde garden pagodas for decorative purposes.
buddhist temple at bagan

The buildings are almost always of golden,

yellow or white color, they are constantly renovated to get rid of the damages of the monsoon floods and to gain merit.

They have a similar appearance in every country, such as China, Japan, Tibet, Thailand, Myanmar or elsewhere, but they are always immediately recognized, we dont talk about pagodas here, thats different case.

That includes how the Buddha is depicted plus the environ and decorations such as snakes and colors.

They have their origins in the caves of the very early days in India

means this building has a hollow structure to allow to enter. This were cave temples, over time the structures grew more sophisticated  expanding into rooms and passageways. Most sacral buildings in south east Asia are pagodas which are solid structures without the possibility to enter.
A Pagoda layout is usually square, five sided or octagonal. Enshrined in it are relics or a image or figure, scriptures and sometimes donated precious items.

The structure is always terraced and has a bell shaped top, the terraces symbolize the slopes of the holy mountain Mt. Meru, the abode of Hindu gods. The stupa is a symbol of the Buddha and functions as a structure encasing relicts.
cave temples at powintaung buddha statue inside the cave cave temples at powintaung near monywa Bagan Temple and Irrawaddy sitting buddha at a bagan temple dhammayangyi temple in the center at bagan buddha temple at bagan cambodia khmer temple and monastery Khmer Buddha Shrine temples at bagan myanmar
Bagan is the biggest monument city in the world, there are still around 2000 of them in various conditions, some are still good, some are restored and others are ruins, it finally wont matter since it looks great anyway.
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