The mandala, a sacred object for Buddhists, a means to summon deities for Hindus, and a therapeutic activity according to Carl Jung, serves as a creative activity for centering oneself. Discover the benefits of the mandala.

Mandalas Meaning: An Object of a Thousand Virtues

The word mandala originates from the Sanskrit language, an Indian language meaning circle, center, or unity. It refers to a circular drawing that starts from the center and moves outward. According to Eastern tradition, this object is sacred and a sign of divine presence. The mandala encompasses various symbols related to human life, such as birth, maturity, death, and rebirth. Additionally, various circular objects are also considered mandalas, including the Earth, the eye, and the universe. What are the virtues offered by the mandala?

The Benefits of Mandalas

Mandalas are not just very vivid and pretty drawings; they are works that contain several virtues. The main advantage offered by the mandala is that it helps you to center yourself, to be focused on the present moment, and to reduce your stress levels.

The Mandala: A Highly Effective Soothing Technique

Whether you opt for coloring a printable mandala or creating your own mandala, the result is always the same: the mandala soothes you. It is a highly encouraged activity during exam periods to destress and easily find sleep. Thanks to the mandala, you will calmly overcome the most painful situations in your life, including grief, illness, and divorce. Through the mandala, your ideas will be clear and concise. It helps you resolve conflicts and make the best choice when faced with a decision.

The Mandala: A Secure and Calming Activity

The mandala is a secure activity. It has various shapes like the triangle, square, and circle. The latter is akin to a cocoon, signifying security. Moreover, when you color a printable mandala, its surface has a limit, a boundary that ensures you will never get lost during your coloring. Thus, the edge of the mandala plays a very securing role.

In addition to being secure, this activity is also calming, invoking introspection and silence. It's an activity practiced at home, allowing its practitioners to be closer to their being.

Practicing Mandalas Improves Your Well-being

The mandala is an effective tool for concentrating and focusing on the present moment. As a result, you will be relaxed, calm, and at peace with yourself. Problems and worries are behind you. Practicing the mandala is essential for eliminating stress from your life. In mandala practice, everything has meaning. The different shapes and colors of the mandala hold various meanings that help you feel better and develop your well-being and self-confidence.

The Mandala, to Center Yourself and Develop Your Creativity

The Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, discovered the therapeutic virtues of the mandala. According to him, when a person goes through difficult situations, they tend to draw shapes that resemble rosettes. After various research, this psychologist concluded that the mandala represents the entirety of the person. The mandala is an activity that allows you to find harmony or balance.

Therefore, if you are going through a difficult phase, physically or psychologically, working with a mandala, coloring printable mandalas, or designing mandalas is an effective way to center yourself.

What Should You Do to Benefit from the Mandalas?

You can work with printable mandalas to center yourself. If you wish to center yourself, soothe and relax, it would be more beneficial to use printable mandalas, which you can simply color. If your coloring moves towards the center, you will induce a movement towards yourself, a centering. However, coloring towards the edge encourages your openness to others.

To center yourself, you should also opt for mandalas that suit you. Your choice can be made spontaneously because of the colors or based on your needs. Then, you can also select colors according to your expectations and preferences. When you color it, you will find yourself faced with your own desires and personal wishes. It's a very effective way to get to know yourself better.

Indeed, the mandala is not a magical remedy for all ills, but an effective solution for focusing on a single subject. Thus, before working on the mandala, you need to know what the subject to address is. The subject must be clear and precise so that solutions can easily emerge. The mandala is a very effective technique for helping you become aware of the different solutions available to you.

The Mandala, An Effective Way to Develop Your Creativity

Some people hesitate to step out of their comfort zone and work on the mandala, fearing they are not creative or original. To work on the mandala, you do not need to be Picasso or possess innate drawing talents. Indeed, when designing the mandala, the goal is not to create a perfect masterpiece. The essential thing is to relax, unwind, engage your imagination, and stimulate your creativity.

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