Finding Happiness in Couple Requires Inner Peace

Finding happiness in a relationship demands inner peace. However, this inner peace cannot be achieved if you lack self-confidence. Low self-esteem leads to numerous complications, affecting both your well-being and that of your partner. It can even have repercussions on the health of your romantic relationship. When both individuals have confidence in themselves, the benefits become clearly visible in daily life.

Self-Confidence in Love: How to Regain It?

Self-Confidence and Confidence in Love

Self-confidence is the source of a happy and fulfilling life. In the East, emphasis is placed on connecting with the self or the "me," aiming for physical and mental balance. Buddhists refer to this self-mastery as "kindness to oneself," a fundamental practice. "It's starting to be interested in yourself, to do research and be curious about yourself," explains Pema Chodron, an American-born monk. This confidence requires observation and discernment to free one's thoughts.

Origin of the Word Confidence

Etymologically, confidence comes from the Latin expressions "connes," meaning "together," and "etfidere," meaning "to trust." Having self-confidence means being comfortable with your body and mind. It's about feeling that we are in the right place in our lives. Self-confidence requires self-mastery, the primary source of our fulfillment. It allows us to be ourselves, indispensable for better expression and confidence in our partner.

confiance en soi couple

L’amour, la liberté et la méditation

Love c’est faire confiance à l’autre. Pour construire une relation durable et vivante, la confiance en amour est un élément essentiel. Un couple qui se fait confiance s’épanouit dans une relation respectueuse. En effet, chaque partenaire est responsable de son être, via sa confiance en soi-même. Dans cette vie sentimentale, aucune trace de dépendance n’est détectée. Une relation basée sur la confiance ne laisse apparaître ni la frustration ni les conflits. Chaque être est libre, heureux et épanoui. Ainsi, une confiance en amour résulte d’une confiance en soi.

La méditation se présente comme le principal moteur qui insuffle cet état d’âme. Un être avec un corps et un esprit qui maîtrisent la confiance en soi s’ouvrent à la compassion. Le même moine a affirmé : "Si vous parvenez à avoir envers vous-même cette sorte d’honnêteté, de douceur et de bonté, et à rester clair face à vous, ce sentiment de bienveillance peut s’étendre aux autres sans obstacle."

How to Regain Confidence in Love After a Separation?

Discussion, Acceptance, and Reconstruction

Once established, this confidence is fragile. The causes of this loss of confidence in the other, often expressed through jealousy, are numerous. You no longer trust them, and you want to know how to regain it. The first solution is to discuss what you feel. Talk about the things that have broken your trust. Indeed, it is entirely possible that your partner never intended to hurt you. Consider resolving the problem together. This allows you to regain trust.

Acceptance is also a better step to move your relationship forward. It involves accepting that each person has their little secret garden. Working on trust in the other should be based on this secret point. Indeed, this allows maintaining an aspect of essential mental freedom for the fulfillment of each one. Reconstruction through assurances, relighting the best moments, also allows you to regain confidence in love. Just like rationalizing jealousy crises.

Apprehension and Time

Moreover, trusting the other person is something that is learned. Whether a person is naturally suspicious or not, trusting someone is a complicated task. Trusting the other person means devoting oneself entirely to them. This form of trust and dedication expresses the best definition of love. Moreover, it is entirely beneficial for the construction and well-being of the couple.

Respect is demanded, trust is earned. Trusting the other person does not mean disrespecting oneself or having low self-confidence. It doesn't even mean that they represent less than your being. It is essential to know that trust must be earned. Indeed, it is linked with assistance, generosity, and support, which will be lost if trust is broken. Respect is entirely linked to gratitude and the ability of the other person to build a relationship with us.

confiance en soi en amour couple

Rebuilding trust after a separation takes quite some time. This duration varies depending on each person's personality. Reconstruction is also linked to intuition. Indeed, we define the degree of trust we will give or withdraw from a person, unconsciously. Your mind simply connects with the other through the sensation that you are the only ones feeling it.

Psychosociological studies have shown that this degree of trust is influenced by several variables. Statistics have shown that the more a person resembles us, the more easily we trust them. We will easily trust people who share the same interests as us. Indeed, you can spend hours discussing

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