Discoveries by Odin and offered to men to serve as magical symbols used in writing, the stones possess a certain mystical power. These instruments, endowed with a specific energy, sometimes require practicing divination to uncover all their secrets. In this article, we focus on the mysteries and applications of runic magic.

What are runes?

Runes are stones bearing a special inscription and conveying an energy that makes them capable of magic. Generally, they resemble polished pebbles and are associated with deities. Although they may initially look like decorative stones, they must be handled with the utmost respect, as if they were conscious entities. A beginner in runic magic must understand that it is preferable to focus on the simplicity of a sequence rather than creating an elaborate symbol that could conceal unfamiliar symbols. In practice, the number nine is sacred, and it is imperative to give prominence to offerings to the deities. These offerings can range from tobacco to beer or mead. The stones must be handled with care, as canceling a talisman requires scraping the stone for its symbol to disappear.

Learning to Read Runes: The Divinatory Art of the Vikings

Runic magic is inseparable from the Futhark alphabet used by Viking druids. The runic alphabet emerged between the 3rd and 17th centuries in Germanic regions of northern Europe, among the Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavians. The term "Futhark" refers to the first letters of the alphabet. This alphabet is relatively extensive, considering the 5,000 inscriptions that have accumulated over the centuries.

**The Special Characteristics of Runes Among the peculiarities of runes, it is essential to remember that they are composed exclusively of straight lines and never rounded shapes, unlike the Latin alphabet used today. These lines are relatively easy to reproduce on stone or wood. However, the greatest peculiarity of the stones lies in their magical nature. Their use allows communication with spirits to practice magic, whether to heal diseases or predict the future. Nevertheless, this magic is reserved for an elite capable of uncovering the secrets of the Vikings. To achieve this, it is imperative to learn to read this secret script like the village druid. To this day, there are mages in some European villages trained in this mysterious practice.

Knowing the Secret of the Vikings In the Scandinavian language, the term "stone" means "secret." Thus, to decipher the symbols and unlock the secret of the Vikings, one must learn it. You can then use its magic for divinatory purposes. In mythology, the discovery of these stones is attributed to Odin, the main deity of Norse mythology and father of Thor, the God of thunder. He then bestowed them upon humanity. The primary purpose of runes was to settle disputes within a tribe. In case of disagreement on a common action to be taken, the Vikings would use the stones to draw lots for a divine answer to guide their decision. During the drawing, small sticks were engraved with specific symbols. These sticks are the ancestors of the runes used today. According to legend, it was only later that a druid would discover the secrets of runes and their power. He would use runic magic to see the future and to heal. Today, there are only 24 stones. It should be noted that each one has a symbol with its own meaning and energy. Consequently, during a divination session, the results are always different, as is the healing power of the stones and the secrets that emerge.

Reading Runes as Well as a Druid In a divination session, whether in response to a question about the future or in the quest for a solution to a problem, ensure that the question is formulated very specifically. There are different types of rune casting. The classic version, for instance, is addressed to the Norns. In this case, the stones generally respond directly, either affirmatively or negatively. Therefore, it is always preferable to have a closed, simple, and precise question. Before the session, it is advisable to calmly reflect on the substance and form of your inquiry so that the divinatory art bears fruit. Otherwise, you may be faced with an unusable answer because it is incomprehensible. Once you have your question firmly in mind, place the 24 runes in a bag and touch them with your left hand to absorb their energy. The left hand is recommended here because it is directly connected to intuition. This initial contact fosters the creation of an energetic link to activate runic magic. Randomly draw three stones from the bag and instinctively cast them on a table in front of you.

**Interpreting the Runes After the drawing of the Norns, it is necessary to interpret the symbols. The first stone generally refers to the past. It allows you to contextualize the situation and understand the essence of present influences. The second stone, related to the present, will clarify the situation by providing elements of response and advice. Finally, the third rune, referring to the future, will show you the way to a solution adapted to the problem. To interpret the message of runic magic correctly, it is necessary to learn the secret script and combine it with your intuition. By tapping into your inner magic, it is possible to decipher the divine message and predict the future.

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