Symboles de Protection

Humans are known to symbolize everything, from protection symbols to black magic, everything represents something.

In fact, there are many protective symbols that one notices in everyday life, depending on which part of the country one resides in - the "Swastika" in India, the " Ankh" in Egypt or the "Cross" in America.

But most of them fail to register in our minds due to our ignorance.

mala-en-graine-de- rudraksha-du-nepal

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This is why today we invite you to discover some common and exclusive protection symbols that have ensured the security of humanity since time immemorial.

But first,

What are protection symbols?

Protection symbols are historical manifestations of charms, amulets, sculptures or objects that protect humanity from evil , notably by producing a strong psychological impression on our mind.

There is good and evil in the world. If the first strengthens faith, the second challenges humanity in multiple ways. This situation threatened their survival and called them to the rescue to try to safeguard their fundamental need for security.


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This is how various symbols appeared to protect humanity and ward off the evil eye, spirits, strangers, demons and negative energies. The existence of these symbols is as primitive as humanity and belongs to various cultures around the world.

From Greeks to Wiccans, Egyptians, Native Americans or even Christians, Each of the protection symbols, although serving the same purpose, emerged with different types of energy.

In ancient history, these symbols represented divine hope in times of war, natural disaster or even attack by wild animals. People used them in their daily lives in various forms to prevent abuse, destruction, or death believed to be caused by evil.


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Even today, these symbols are just as powerful and, if used wisely, can protect you from the evil around you.

So let's understand some of these protection symbols in detail:

Wiccan protection symbols

1. Pentacle

Symbole de Protection pentacle< /p>

The pentacle represents the eternal elements of fire, water, air, water and spirit. The five-pointed star connects the essence of Spirit to all forms of matter. The best-known symbol of the Wiccan religion, it guides all aspects of our lives.

2. Triple Moon

Triple Moon Protection Symbol

The triple moon symbol incorporates Pegan and Wiccan history, emphasizing the different phases of growth and dimensions of a woman. The relevance of this symbol lies in mystery and wisdom that the charm brings with it.

With the three phases of the goddess Moon, namely the growth phase, the full moon and the waning phase, this symbol also merges the three phases of femininity: a young girl, a mother and an elderly woman. The purity and excitement of a young girl evolves into the stability and fulfillment of a mother, allowing wisdom and completion to develop in an older woman.

It represents the Triple Goddess who is believed to empower and protect you when you keep this representation close to you.

3. Solar Cross

Personification of the most powerful celestial body, the sun, the solar cross is a symbol used magnanimously, even before the Bronze Age. The Solar Cross has had different representations over time, with the fight against negative energies or being on the side of the shadows. You should therefore be careful before placing your trust in this symbol.

Protection symbols represent the power of light, the power of movement and the power of the seasons. The cross in the center of the circle combines the power of the guardians of the four directions, while the circle above it is the blessing of the Sun God to protect the intersection of ancient magic.

4. Crossed Spear Symbols

9 Powerful Protection Symbols Explained

A simple but dominant symbol, the crossed spear serves as a shield against the evil eye. This symbol was inspired by the intersection of spears, axes or swords to protect oneself in battle , especially in times when there was no formal literacy.

As one of the eight witch runes, its true power lies in blocking conflict and simplifying adversaries. The magic it brings is psychic, allowing the soul to calmly fight internal battles and calm externally.

Known for taking a stand in times of disagreement, the cross spear s student in case of war or strategy. A powerful symbol for both men and women, it helps fight against storms.

5. Athame (Dagger, Dagger)

Symbol of Protection dagger dagger athame

The Athamé is a ceremonial dagger, whose blade points upwards, known to ward off evil. The Athamé, which must be cleaned before each spell, encourages purity and compassion, even if it is cut as a weapon of choice.

The union of the elements fire and air, engraved on the dagger, allows it to protect the soul from evil spirits and to powerfully trace magic circles. Its shape being very specific, an Athame amulet can be a rare tool against unwanted spirits.

The dagger as a whole also represents feminine and masculine energy, making it one of the four "weapons " used in Celtic mythology, where it only channels the inner fire, without being used to harm the human body.

Celtic Protection Symbols

6. Triquetra


Among protective amulets, the Triquetra symbolizes eternity, bringing together the blessings of the Holy Trinity of Goddesses. The knot represents an unbroken connection between the wearer and the divine, guiding them to the power of the three realms.

The three goddesses, of innocence, creation and wisdom, merge to form a sign powerful and strengthen the belief and strength of the wearer. This symbol has always been engraved on human bodies, throughout civilizations and history, to help humanity achieve its true purpose.

What is unique about this symbol is that it represents the power of three such as mind, body and soul or earth, sky and heaven. He also explains that whatever you give is returned to you triple.

7. Spiral


The spiral has been coveted as part of witch runes, where it is etched onto various life forms across time and space. Like a charm, the wearer understands the impact of life energy on the body, finds growth and certainty, and the desire to evolve. A sacred symbol, it is known to be widely respected by the masses.

Pagan protection symbols

8. Horned God


The Horned God, a symbol that connects a circle to a crescent moon, the ends of which are called horns, is a representation of masculine power. In Wiccan culture, it is commonly associated with the masculine aspects of spirituality, in order to achieve success.

With an energy of invocation, this symbol symbolizes wild nature, fertility and self-affirmation. He is often known to be the bearer of the dead to the underworld. Through his power, he offers protection against the dark souls of hell.

As consort of the triple goddess, the two aspects of the horned god emphasize night and day, battle and peace , the sun and the moon, cold and heat. Known to represent the three stages of man, youth, father and wise, the horned god symbolizes good intentions.

Egyptian protection symbols

9. Ankh

symbole ankh protection

A powerful symbol of protection, the Ankh is also called the “key to life”. As a good luck charm, the Ankh is a symbol of immortality and is believed to bring good luck and fortune. The holy scriptures have depicted Egyptian gods wearing the symbol, which combines a horizontal bar and a vertical bar symbolizing feminine energy and masculine energy respectively, as well as a loop representing the rising sun.

10. The Eye of Horus

eye of Horus< /p>

The Eye of Horus plays an important role in ancient Egyptian history, where it is believed to protect the living and the dead from the evil eye. As a protective amulet, it wards off spells, curses and even envy from those who hold it close. His story is also that of the gravity of sacrifice and the family.

11. The Eye of Ra

eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra is part of Egyptian culture, a tribute to the Sun God, Ra or the symbol that subdues enemies. History considers him to be an extension of the Lord himself, but today's belief system considers him to be the female counterpart of Ra.

The symbol promises birth and healing in its creative form, while fighting demons in its violent aspect. Because of its dual promise, it has been found engraved on Egyptian coffins and is a common household talisman in the region throughout the centuries.

12. Beetle


Inspired by the dung beetle, an insect associated with manifestation and sunlight. The scarab is part of Egyptian antiquities and comes in different materials, with the seal scarab gaining popularity.

The scarab stems from the belief in the creation of the dung beetle and its power of birth, giving humanity the hope of rebirth and protection against the perils of the underworld. Commonly worn as a necklace, this symbol is one of the few Egyptian charms with animal origins.

As a modern artifact, it has symbolized the celestial cycle since the Bronze Age. In the past, a real dung beetle was used to make beetle-shaped rings, so that the life force of the beetle would increase the manifestation of the symbol.

13. Egyptian knife

Egyptian knife

This flint knife, which became an element of rituals and a trusted ally among the Egyptians, finds its roots in helping man during his journey to the land of the dead. This knife is mentioned by various protectors, slayers and guardians who remained strong against their enemies thanks to its power.

It has been associated with vengeance and often used to cut harmful creatures such as scorpions in order to to render them harmless. The Egyptian knife is a tool for the strong-hearted and often symbolizes protection and punishment.

The knife undoubtedly kills, but it should not be used to harm positive and good souls. With ancient magic, one must be careful not to ignore the true purpose of a symbol.

14. Crescent Moon

Crescent moon

The crescent moon comes from Islamic culture, where it ensures victory over evil. The moon proves progression and the will to fight, while the star shows knowledge. This symbol proves that its wearer has mastered the five religions of Islam and has the essential skills to achieve victory.

In Hinduism, the symbol is present on the head of Shiva, granting him the power of perseverance and mastery of time. An alchemical symbol of money, the crescent moon is also a protector of chastity.

The crescent moon is often accompanied by a star, as seen in the first Egyptian flag, where it signifies light and optimism, even in times of difficulty.

Greek protection symbols

15. Hecate's Wheel

Hecate's Wheel

Blessed by the Greek god Hecate, this symbol promotes the prosperity and development of the person who wears it. Hecate, the goddess of the moon, is known for blessing families, ruling the earth, sky and sea, being a guide, protector and decision-maker for her followers.

The Wheel of Hecate is a combination of a circular spiral showing growth and a labyrinth serpent showing rebirth, acting as an emblem of renewal for a believer. The wheel continues to turn as one grows, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Another interpretation lies in the concept of rebirth, where the wheel draws its meaning from mysterious beings called " lynx" which radiate divine thoughts.

16. Spiral Goddess

Goddess of the spiral< /p>

Divine representation of feminism, the Spiral goddess brings out the desire to flourish and strengthens the energy of the wearer. The spiral signifies resurrection, growth and the ongoing cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The moon highlights the three phases of a path, a sacred trinity of a woman's life. As the goddess is known to strengthen feminine energy by signifying fertility and the womb, the charm illuminates female creativity and interests.

In Greek and Roman mythologies, the Spiral Goddess also represents women who were leaders, warriors and strategists in battle.

17. Labyrinth


The maze is focused on its difference from a maze, both being a confusing journey, but in the case of the maze there is only one entrance and one exit. When you hold on to a maze, your mind calms down and you move in the right direction.

Life itself is an interplay of crossroads, confusions, influencers and obstacles, but there is only one way to reach completion. The Labyrinth gives you hope to fight through each stage of your life, to make the right choices and reach your peak, to enter the final stage of life peacefully.

18. Inanna's Knot

knot of Inanna< /p>

Inanna was the Mesopotamian goddess of war and sexuality, the counterpart of the Greek goddess Athena. Inanna's knot is derived from the symbol inscribed on the goddess's staff, used for creation and security.

The knot protects humanity, its hooked shape reminiscent of the reed boat built by Inanna to save the world. The knot is often used by farmers, as it also has a history of agricultural fortune.

The bundle of reeds shows the power of unity and connects the wearer to the three symbolic animals of the goddess Inanna, the warrior lion, peaceful dove and cautious bat.

Buddhist protection symbols

19. Hamsa


Coming from Middle Eastern culture, the Hamsa symbol represents the Phoenician goddess Tanit.

< img alt="bracelet-7-chakra-main-hamsa" src=" .jpg?v=1707726480">

Shaped like a hand, it symbolizes the five chakras of Buddhism and represents five blessings: Love, Money, Health, Wisdom and Power. It prevents negative energy from impacting your aura.

20. The lotus


Known to be part of Buddhist and Egyptian cultures, this mystical flower awakens the regenerative power of the human spirit and soul.


With the Lotus, you can flourish and be unharmed on your journey to eternal life. Knowing your power and potential can foster forgiveness, compassion and enlightenment.

Christian protection symbols

21. Fairy Star (Septagram)

Septagram Fairy Star< /p>

The Fairy Star uses harmony to bring together the seven different chakras, connecting its seven points to form a synergy of power. For those who struggle to understand the divine or channel the multiple aspects of life toward a common goal, the Septagram can provide valuable assistance.

The seven-pointed star also highlights the seven days of the week, the seven elements and the seventh sense, thus illuminating what concerns us all, time, dimension and perception. The center of the figure symbolizes partnership and simultaneous development.

The fairy star is known to possess the strength of the seven planets and the seven verses of the Quran. Its multitude of symbols has allowed it to find its place in flags, law enforcement, religion and the world of entertainment.

22. Bindrune


A protective Bindrune emerges when a person draws a sigil from their own understanding and faith. The truest form of protection, a Bindrune is unique to your aura and works for your individual form.

Throughout history, examples combining harmony, solitude, and intention runes have appeared to bring prominently varieties of Bindrune, where the wearer builds a relationship with the charm. Rarely used for other forms of magic, Bindrunes provide those who need it with a spark of enthusiasm and security.

In general, binding runes are linked together by a single vertical line . However, history has shown that some runes were written separately to emit a strong mystical force. Runes have always confused readers because of their flexibility and variety.

23. Hexagram of Solomon

Hexagram of Solomon

Six-pointed star, the Hexagram of Solomon draws its true reason for being from the junction of two triangles. Each triangle has been interpreted in such a way as to prove the importance of opposing influencing factors on the human mind.

Crossing the elements of fire and water, heaven and hell, extension and blessing, the hexagram is named after King Solomon, known for his mastery of unruly spirits. Used as a seal, the hexagram protects humanity by reaching out to the divine and letting God's support reach humanity.

In Judaism, this symbol is also called the Star of David , where God's dominion over the six directions, north, south, east, west, up and down, saves the wearer from darkness.

24. Turtle


The turtle comes from the Native American belief in celestial bodies, particularly those adorned with animal designs and geometric representations. The idea was to trust the form physicality of an animal to carry the torch of longevity and divinity.

As a symbol, the turtle connects us to our mother Earth, with her long life and grounding, even when traveling is difficult. As a physical form, its hard shell illustrates perseverance and emotional strength.

Symbolically, it is known to bring calm and patience, especially to those who carry a strange burden of struggle on their backs. The turtle also plays a role in the stories of victory, pain and learning taught to children throughout the ages.

25. Cross


A common symbol in the Christian religion, the cross actually comes from pagan history. Recalling the sacrifice of life by Jesus, the cross has been widely used in all forms of art, acting as a reminder of the power of healing, sacrifice and love. The power of the cross contributes greatly to the protection of the one who wears it.

26. Wish bone

Wish Bones

The wishbone is traditionally the harbinger of good fortune: whoever gets the largest half of the bone has their wish granted. The tradition of breaking the wishbone is part of the Thanksgiving holiday, where it is even worn as jewelry, to bring warmth and love.

Coming from the belief that birds are birds oracles, wishing bones absorb mystical energy when set aside to become brittle. In folklore, wishes come true, peace reigns and festivities are held whenever a wishing stone is there to exert its charm.

Chinese protection symbols

27. Dragon


A manifestation of Chinese history, the dragon carries spirituality and protection. The primary duty to protect bodies of water illustrates the importance of attention, power and individualism. However, one should be aware of the different interpretations of the essence of this charm.

bracelet-fengshui-pixiu- or

Indian protection symbols

28. Om


Om, an interpretation of the holy trinity, refers to the sacred sound that connects us to the divine. The trinity brings into existence the heavens, the earth and the underworld, which gives us the necessary power to open the third eye. We invite you to learn about the positive impact of this sound on our soul and its magical ability to heal it.


Roman protection symbols

29. Symbol of Mars

Symbole de Mars

Mars, the Roman god of war, is part of Roman history and is represented by the symbol of the sign of Mars. This symbol, extremely martial and aggressive, should only be used 'in case of urgent need and conflict.

The sign of Mars is synonymous with virility, warlike energy and the power of banishment. Channel magic not only serves to protect the wielder, but also to curse and break anyone who stands in your way. Be careful, as its power cannot be reversed or ignored.

30. Horseshoe


The main tool among the ancient symbols of the Roman Empire to ward off plague, the horseshoe draws its value from its power to save humanity from misfortune. The supernatural power of charm led to its use in churches, homes and institutions, and even in London's breweries.

Its "C" shape is often compared to Christ and the amulet can be used to heal, reconnect and energize the human form. The horseshoe is usually made of iron, the magical metal that is heated to neutralize evil spirits.

31. Double-headed eagle

Two-headed Eagle

The eagle has always been the bird of power and vivacity. The double-headed eagle evokes the vigor of domination in early Greek history.The meeting of two eagles is the fusion of two directions, while emphasizing the center of the earth.< br>
Endowed with secular and spiritual abilities, the double-headed eagle is an individualistic identity as a whole, which gives its owner the ardor necessary to fight against inhibitions and disturbances. Its widespread use in Christian, Roman and Greek history is also explained by the fact that the two heads bring together the tribe and the chief, the general and the army, the king and the village.

The Eagles are also known to be the bearers of the gods, proving their power to safeguard important symbols and messages. The spirit of the eagle also lies in guarding and proactivity.

French protection symbols

32. Unicorn


Present in many magical stories and fairy tales, the unicorn has always been represented as an angelic white horse with a single horn on its forehead. It is believed that unicorns appreciate people with the purest hearts.

The Unicorn symbolizes the honesty of good-hearted people when it bows before them, and at the same time, it flees from the bad guys by tirelessly running away. With beauty and grace, unicorns hold the power of solidarity, transcending worlds single-handedly.

With the Unicorn around you, you will feel a ray of hope, a pinch of boldness and a hand of innocence on your head. It nourishes positivity and wisdom, creates strong intuition and heals the good.

Native American protection symbols

33. Dreamcatcher


A dream catcher is an authentic charm that brings good dreams and good luck.  Its circular shape symbolizes the circle of life, with the central web linked to catch bad dreams and night aches. Believers use it by keeping it close to them while sleeping and wearing it around their neck to ward off negative energies.


Symbols of protection beyond religion and culture

Sometimes you will be naturally attracted to figures, objects or even living beings. These symbols, although only mentioned a few times in different scriptures, are known to possess rare protective magic that blesses the wearer and can act as a giver of energy. When you find one, you should be aware of its strong attraction and magnetic aura:

34. Drums


Drums are ceremonial in nature, used during Native American events to invoke the divine. Their true power lies in harmonizing the melodies of individuals for a warm welcome from the Lord.

35. Lightning


Symbol of a powerful spirit, lightning connects the passion of rain, the beauty of the thunderbird and the power of light. A true blessing, the symbol of lightning protects humanity from the hidden shadows of hell.

36. Cactus


A surprising guarantee of endurance and protection, the cactus is stronger and prouder after facing difficult conditions. It evokes the value of love to endure bitter days and bring comfort to the wearer.

37. Deer


Known for being a peaceful animal, the deer bearer embodies the feeling of prosperity and security within family and friends. The deer brings calm to those who fight against violence.

38. Arrows


Arrows, regardless of their direction, always symbolize defense and protection in one form or another. While an arrow to the left wards off evil, an arrow to the right represents protection. Arrowheads are considered a symbol of vigilance and direction.

39. Eagle feathers

Plumes d'aigle

Eagle feathers, one of the most esteemed symbols among all other feathers, represent bravery, strength and authority. It is also considered sacred in rituals and prayer ceremonies.

40. Medicine bags

Medicine bags

This is a hand-selected item made from tobacco, pipe, animal hide, minerals, sage and protective items. In ancient times it was used during battles and wars, as it was believed to have protective powers.

How protection symbols work

We have all, at least once in our lives, believed in these protective symbols and used them for our safety. Humans have assigned specific concepts to symbolic elements, the sight of which immediately connects us to these concepts. Symbols are therefore a strange way to explore the power within us.


However, the powers of these symbols are supported by three broad theories.

The theory of energy

Everything in this universe is driven by energy. This energy has different names around the world, depending on culture, such as Chi, Prana, Ki, PSI. However, whatever the name, it is still the same power. It is believed to act as a fuel for all magical activities that give rise to specific energies in certain signs and symbols.


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These symbols go back a long way in history. People from medieval times benefited from their power. As these protective symbols have been used for a thousand years, they are loaded with specific qualities more than others.

For example, the ankh, which has existed as a protective symbol for centuries, has accumulated more protective energy over all these years. This also means that if you choose to realize the power of protection symbols, you can also capitalize on their collective energy.

The theory of shape radiation

According to the theory of radiation of shapes, there are several geometric shapes and figures that have specific energies. They are considered sacred in the universe and are believed to emit powerful energies that can serve humanity in many ways.


When you work with symbol magic and learn to harness the power of sacred geometry, you can benefit from a boost of energy, a shield of protection and a targeted intention.

The theory of belief

This theory is based on a simple motto: it works because you believe in it. Who can deny it? Belief manifests itself in strange ways and, in terms of magic, it is certainly the most powerful aspect. It's crazy how these symbols are just tools that can ignite the hidden power in your own mind.


While energy theory and form radiation theory are both scientific, belief theory is primarily psychology.

Combine sacred geometric shapes with ancient symbols and believe in your magic, and nothing will stop you from getting the desired protection from evil in your life.

The three theories work on different bases, but until the magick works and guides the protection into your life, it doesn't really matter what has been done.

Increase the power of protective symbols

The energy of the protection symbols can be intensified by visualizing the desired effect. For example, if you want the pentacle to help protect you from the demons in your mind, hold the representation of this symbol drawn on paper, or engraved on metal or any other shape and imagine that it brings you all protection what you need.


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Visualize that all the energy flows through this symbol and is stored. Now keep this representation of the symbol very close to you. Whenever you want to protect yourself, imagine that a sense of security radiates from this symbol and encompasses your aura.

Tattoo of a symbol of protection

Tattoos have existed since time immemorial. The only difference between yesterday and today is the purpose. Back then, people got tattoos for customary or religious reasons, whereas today it's more of a trend. The fact remains that these symbols have meaning and an important impact on the life of the person who wears them.

If you're considering getting a tattoo, it's worth spending some time researching. The symbol will stay with you forever, so choose the one that matches your energy level, thought process or vibration. But be sure to pay equal attention to aesthetics and meaning, because you don't want to have a low-quality tattoo on your body for the rest of your life.

Final thoughts!

These powerful protective symbols derive their value and mystical presence from the fact that humanity has remained powerless to understand their true origin and invariability.


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However, there is no doubt about the need of the hour, as every individual wishes to protect themselves against the growing evil in the world.

Some find even as their consciousness leads them towards multiple symbols on different paths of life, due to the manipulative truth of each symbol.

Ultimately, remember that protection is your basic need.


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