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Our policy on protecting your personal data is designed to establish trust between you and our services, ensuring a positive and transparent experience.

Through this policy, we aim to meet your requirements and comply with your expectations.

To maintain your trust, Schenck LLC, hereinafter referred to as "Our Company," guarantees the utmost respect for your personal data and the confidentiality of our clients' information (referred to as "Your Data").

For complete transparency towards you and to ensure the secure use of our website www.schenckllc.com and all its available versions and related applications (hereinafter referred to as "https://www.schenckllc.com/"), we provide details on how we handle your data. This ensures that our services always align with the protection of your rights. In this way, we guarantee the security, confidentiality, and non-alteration of your privacy and data across all our platforms.

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When we refer to "you" in this Personal Data Protection Policy, it is because it directly concerns you as a client of Schenck LLC. This includes you if you have placed an order on the Schenck LLC website, created a customer account without ordering products or services, or simply visited the Schenck LLC website without creating an account or placing an order.

  1. WHO ARE WE?

Schenck LLC, with its registered office located at 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA, is the publisher of the website https://www.schenckllc.com/ and, as such, carries out various data processing operations as the data controller.


3.1. When do we collect your personal data?

Your personal data may be collected when you visit the Schenck LLC website, use cookies, create a customer account on the Schenck LLC website, place an order for our products or services, or subscribe to our newsletters (SMS, emails).

Your personal data helps streamline your navigation on the Schenck LLC website and offers you a more personalized experience. This allows us to better process your orders, provide installment payment options, prevent fraud, handle necessary refunds, and manage customer reviews.

3.2. Your navigation on the Schenck LLC website

To enable your navigation on the Schenck LLC website, we process your data with your consent as the legal basis.

3.3. Processing your orders

We use your data to process and manage your orders, including mediation, customer relations (including through social networks), after-sales and remote sales service, marketing and commercial prospecting, and the customization of the website and mobile applications to suit your interests.