Amethyst and Antique Gold “Buddha” Bracelet


Sku: 27946

NEW Vintage product! Does the Buddhist religion capture your mind?

The “Buddha” Bracelet in Amethyst and Antique Gold can be used during a meditation or a Buddhist prayer.

This jewel is also doing daily to act on your 6 th  Chakra . It  expresses  imagination, intuition, wisdom, evolution .

How to recognize an imbalance of this Chakra?

The  physical imbalance  is identified by headaches, sinusitis, diseases of the nervous system or learning disabilities. The  psychic imbalance

 manifests as a lack of memory and concentration, personality disorders, a feeling of negativity or a lack of ambition.  

It also adapts to people who find it difficult to come to terms with their current situation, eliminating impatience. 

This bracelet with a sacred element is composed of 23 natural stone beads with a diameter of 8 mm. One of these pearls illustrates the image of the head of Buddha , synonymous with wisdom and protection.

Elastic, this bracelet will adapt perfectly to every wrist and to any outfit. 

Features  : 

  • Materials  : Amethyst, zinc alloy
  • Diameter of the pearls  : 8 mm
  • Length  : 19cm
  • Elastic  solid and extensible .


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