“Anchor and Pure Energy” Bracelet in Rock Crystal and Lava Stone


Sku: 27939

Jewelry decorated with crystal and stone is very fashionable today.

The Bracelet “Anchoring and Pure Energy” Crystal rock and lava stone is simply beautiful ..

The rock crystal  is a variety of stone from a positive and pure energy that brings vitality and vigor. Due to its energetic regenerating aspect of the body, it is used in therapeutic care.

The lava stone , also known as basalt name, has a high magnetic energy that ensures the proper functioning of the body and reduces excess anger. 

This bracelet for men and women is adjustable, thus adapting to each person.  

Characteristics : 

  • Materials  : Raw rock crystal (15 mm x 14 mm), Lava stone, cord
  • Diameter of the pearls  : 8 mm
  • Length  : 19 cm + 8 cm extension
  • Adjustable and solid .


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