“Azure Blue” Mala Bracelet with 108 Natural Amazonite Pearls


Sku: 28041

Are you looking for a jewel that produces positive energy?

The “Azure Blue” Mala Bracelet with 108 Natural Amazonite beads eliminates anger and negativity. It takes you to live fully with a sense of peace.

Why do Mala bracelets have 108 beads?

The  number of 108 beads  has deep spiritual significance in Buddhist and Hindu cults.
Some meanings  : There are  108  energy lines in total,  108  sins to avoid, and  108  virtues to cultivate,  108  sacred and philosophical texts, Buddha had to undergo  108
 tests to rise and reach enlightenment,  108  Yoga positions,  the number  1  represents god,  0  means emptiness and humility and the  8  symbolizes infinity … etc.

How to use the Mala bracelets of 108 beads?

Malas can be used in different ways, for religious purposes or not.
As a fashion accessory wrap it around your wrist  (left in Buddhism) , in meditation the mala can be used as a counter, in the recitation of prayers or mantras each repetition will be associated with a pearl … etc.

By emphasizing self-discovery, this set reflects the beauty of paradisiacal beaches. Its azure blue color brings a touch of shine and elegance to any outfit.


  • Materials  : Semi-precious stones, natural Amazonite
  • Diameter of the pearls  : 8 mm
  • Length  :  60  cm
  • Elastic  solid and extensible .


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