“Beautiful Amethyst” Earrings in 925 Silver


Sku: 27909

Adopt an original style with handcrafted jewelry . Do you dream of a magnificent silver jewel? Adorn your ears with “Beautiful Amethyst” Earrings in 925 Silver . Wearing these sets on a daily basis eliminates your mental turmoil and stress. They also take care of your impatience to successfully complete the projects you nurture. You will take advantage of the positive energy to manage your emotions. These pretty earrings are born from the best alloy between Silver 925 and natural Amethyst. Suitable for all events, their exceptional beauty adds a touch of elegance to your face. Round in shape, their diameter is 10 mm.


Characteristics :

  • Materials: Natural amethyst, 925 silver
  • Diameter: 10mm


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