Feng Shui Painting Buddha Serenity


Sku: 28326

Renovate the interior of your living room with high quality decorative items ! Do you appreciate the Buddhist teachings? Decorate your living room with the Feng Shui Buddha Serenity Painting . It attracts positive energies to ensure remarkable success in your project. Place this pretty painting in front of your front door to eliminate negativity and attract good luck. Made from canvas, this painting remains insensitive to dust. It is possible to select the model that suits you among 3 available sizes: 40 x 90 cm, 60 x 120 cm and 70 x 150 cm.


Size 1: Small (40×90 cm)
Size 2: Medium (60×120 cm)
Size 3: Large (70×150 cm)
Material: Canvas
Ideal for: Living rooms, bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Cafes, Hotels, everywhere!


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