“Lotus Sutra” Bracelet in Silver Plated Copper


Sku: 27993

Add a jewel of spiritual character to your collection of fantasies. Do you want to have a fashion  accessory related to Buddhism  ?

The Lotus Sutra Bracelet inscribes Buddhist scriptures. The term “Lotus Sutra,” a Mahāyāna Buddhist teaching, is carved into the structure of this article.

It brings deep enlightenment and inner transformation regardless of your ability, ethnicity, or culture.

The Lotus flower adds an original touch to adapt to all your outfits. This stainless steel bracelet is made of silver plated copper.


  • Materials  :  Silver plated copper
  • Diameter  : 6.2 cm
  • Thickness  :  2  cm
  • Adaptable and strong .


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