Painting “God Ganesh”


Sku: 28319

Check out our best selection of sacred works of art . Do you pray to the god with the head of an elephant? Install the “God Ganesh” Painting in your spiritual practice space. It will increase your connection with the world of the divine during your meditation or prayer. This painting brings luck, wisdom, emotional balance, and above all spiritual awakening. Ideal for any room in the house, its linen and cotton structure optimizes its resistance to dust. This model is available in several sizes, ranging from 10 x 15 cm to 40 x 100 cm. You can take them with or without a frame.

Characteristics :

  • Materials: linen, cotton
  • Several sizes available, with or without frames:
  • Small: 10 x 15cm x 2/10 x 20cm x 2/10 x 25cm x 1
  • Medium: 20 x 35cm x 2/20 x 45cm x 2/20 x 55cm x 1
  • Large: 30 x 40cm x 2/30 x 60cm x 2/30 x 80cm x 1
  • Very Large: 40 x 60 cm x 2/40 x 80 cm x 2/40 x 100 cm x 1


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