Stone Elixir Healing Bottle


Sku: 27931

Decrease your plastic waste to avoid the harmful effects that could happen to you. Want to stay healthy? Just use the Stone Elixir Healing Bottle and the germs will leave you. This bottle is an excellent preservative for your water intake. In addition to the conservation, you will benefit from the energies coming from the stone. Your water will be revitalized, and so your body will be calmed. You can also choose the stone that suits you according to its characteristic. The “Stone Elixir” healing bottle can also heal sick animals or even a plant that requires more energy. Be among those who take advantage of these benefits.

    Bottle size: 10.2×2.6×2.6 “/ 260x65x65mm Bottle
    weight: 1lb / 490g Bottle
    composition: glass Bottle
    metal: stainless steel
    Crystal size: 3.5x1x1.1″ / 90 * 25 * 30mm
    Volume: 20oz / 600ml


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