Prière Bouddhiste En Français

Unlike other religions, Buddhism does not impose many obligatory prayers. However, prayer involves a spiritual approach to help you discover good mental and emotional balance. To be clear about the steps to follow to properly recite the Buddhist prayer in French, here are some indications.

Buddhist prayers in French

How to pray in French like a Buddhist?

To recite a Buddhist prayer in French in the best conditions, you must prepare properly beforehand. Also, adopt an appropriate and comfortable posture, breathe regularly and stay focused. Live in the moment and channel your focus on positive thoughts. Indeed, you will have to meditate intensely instead of limiting yourself to reciting your prayers. To relax the atmosphere, you can use candles or perfumes to better concentrate.

Review some basic mantras

The Buddhist prayer requires the mastery of some important mantras. A mantra is a simple phrase that is repeated regularly. However, you will not have

You don't necessarily need to know the full meaning of your mantras, as repeating the words strips them of meaning and helps you concentrate.

Buddhist meditation

  • Om Mani Padme Hum: this phrase is pronounced “om mané pad mé houm” and refers to: “tribute to the jewel of the lotus”.
  • Oṃ Amideva Hrīḥ: this phrase is pronounced “om ami-dehva ré” and it means “to overcome all obstacles and hindrances”.
  • Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih: it is a liturgical chant which will allow you to acquire wisdom, critical reasoning as well as the ability to write decently. When singing, emphasize the “Dhih”.
  • There are various chants that you can practice. You will be required to listen scrupulously to learn quickly.

Say a simple prayer to celebrate the three jewels

The Buddhist prayer in French must be short and concise. Also, you can recite it repeatedly like a mantra. Do not forget to think about yourself and the deployment of your own spirituality and not just pray to the Buddha so that he grants it to you.

  • The term Sangha is interpreted as community, group or assembly. It generally indicates all those who adhere to Buddhist values.
  • The word Dharma refers to the universal truth common to all humanity. This includes the common force of all beings which unites the universe.

Buddhist meditation

Introduce yourself to the prayer of “Metta”

The prayer of Metta draws heavily on the principles of Buddhism. You can repeat His powerful words to yourself to find peace. Buddhism is adopted on the basis of numerous rites with diversified forms. As a result, the style of prayer differs from one rite to another. For your information, most of these rites do not require formal skills in any way.

The different forms of prayer

Buddhist prayer can be divided into different types, namely:

  • Prayer for refuge and generation of the spirit of awakening
  • Prayer to the lineage of all accomplished masters
  • Typical prayers to the Ydams of meditation
  • Wish Prayers
  • Prayers dedicated to your profitable activity for the good of all creatures without restriction which seals all our practices

Prayer for the happiness and salvation of your loved ones

By performing this Buddhist prayer in French, you will be able to express your gratitude for those around you, recognize and consolidate the ties that unite you. When beginning your prayer, invoke contented and peaceful beings.

Think that you are in the company of creatures full of love and clemency:

May I remain in joy, well-being and calm

May my teachers remain joyful, well-being and calm

May my parents remain happy, well-being and calm

May my neighbors remain in joy, well-being and calm

May my comrades remain in joy, well-being and calm

May strangers remain in joy, well-being and calm

May derogatory people remain in joy, well-being and calm

May my adversaries remain in joy, well-being and calm

May everyone remain in joy, well-being and calm.

Prayer before meals

Meal time is a good time to quench your thirst and show your gratitude for the blessings that the earth grants us. It is also a time during which you have the opportunity to build bonds with those around you while respecting your body. You can recite this Buddhist prayer in French before meals:

May this meal be dedicated to the three jewels,

The sacred Buddha,

Sacred Dharma,

The sacred Sangha.

Bless this meal so that it heals our pain.

May it free us from vanity and desire.

And, that it can fuel our bodies

So that we can serve conscious beings

What can we say about the way of praying in Buddhism?

Buddhism is based on the principle of various very distinct rites. Also, Buddhist prayer in Frenchdoes not follow rules or well-defined postures. Whatever happens, what matters is that your prayer comes from within you.

Understand the true value of prayer

how to meditate

You should note that prayer is above all a way of being spiritually with oneself. Even if some believers admit the divine nature of the Buddha, the latter is not a creator god. Indeed, prayer is in no way a homage to Buddha. Rather, it should be taken as a way of analyzing your own spirituality.

Feel free to recite a prayer as you see fit, putting theology aside. Of course, you can consider your own mantras and reproduce them in the way you pray. Indeed, no constraints are required in the practice of Buddhism. Therefore, there are various prayers, however, there is no appropriate way to pray like a Buddhist. This freedom will allow you to practice and experience your spirituality as you feel.

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It is common to recite mantras, for example “om mani pémé houng” or to perform symbolic postures called mudras, the spiritual meaning of which it is essential to properly assimilate.

Buddhist Prayer: what are the objectives?

Before reciting a Buddhist prayer in French, you must first examine the authenticity of your motivation. Indeed, prayer has two objectives.

  • Your own good: from the relative point of view to achieve qualities, to the ultimate level to acquire enlightenment
  • The relative and ultimate fulfillment of all creatures.


Nathalie B

Merci pours ces infos très intéressantes.
Mais pourquoi ne pas donner de textes de prières ?

Katolo Oscar

Aider mois dé devenir boudhiste

David Vigreux

Bonjour, je souhaiterais obtenir le petit livret des paroles prononcées par Bouddha …. pourriez vous l’indiquer où les trouver ?
merci de votre réponse


Je suis très satisfait de ce prière bouddhiste merci beaucoup 👃


Aide moi bouddha, je veux devenir ton fils, aide moi c’est compliqué pour moi, mais je suis déterminé. Guide moi, accompagne moi 🙏🙏


Merci beaucoup pour cette sagesse


Mollomen, bonjour,
apprenez ceci: observez votre souffle. comment ? en observant le mouvement de votre abdomen, lorsqu’il se gonfle puis se dégonfle et ainsi vous aurez appris à être attentif(ve?) à votre souffle. Voilà comment, Mollomen, vous pouvez apprendre la base du bouddhisme : la méditation à être attentif à votre souffle.


Olga bonjour,
observez votre souffle, lorsque vous méditez, observez le mouvement de votre abdomen (gonflement, dégonflement) et ainsi étant attentive à ce mouvement, vous éviterez d’alimenter vos pensées et vous vous apaiserez. Voilà Olga, comment débuter à être attentive à vous.


J’aimerais vraiment apprendre le bouddhisme.


je veux juste apprendre à me recentrer et zapper toutes les pensées néfastes qui font du mal à mon psyché je le sens ainsi c’est un vide oublier les discours vains les futilités les choses qui n’en valent pas la peine être connecté au ciel c’est tout

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