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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Grand plateau de méditation bois - Petit 17*6*2,8 pouces1
Large wooden meditation tray
Sale priceFrom €170,00
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Robe Kesa Moine bouddhisteRobe Kesa Moine bouddhiste - Bleu Marine / -150cm
Kesa Buddhist Monk Dress
Sale price€109,90
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Banc de meditation BoisBanc de meditation Bois
Wood meditation bench
Sale price€39,90
Tibetan Meditation CushionTibetan Meditation Cushion
Tibetan Meditation Cushion
Sale priceFrom €54,90
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Bougie Meditation1
Meditation Candle
Sale price€39,90
Temple autel bouddhiste portatif 12cm1
Save €0,90
Cloche Tibétaine - BouddhaCloche Tibétaine
Tibetan Bell
Sale price€32,00 Regular price€32,90
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Grand Bol TibétainGrand Bol Tibétain
Large Tibetan Bowl
Sale priceFrom €125,90
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|14:200006152;200007763:201336100|14:200006152;200007763:201336103|14:200006152;200007763:201336106|14:200006152;200007763:100015076Petit Bol Chantant Tibétain - Clair
Small Tibetan Singing Bowl
Sale priceFrom €40,90
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|14:200006151#8cm|14:200006152#9.5cm|14:200006153#10.5cm|14:200006154#11.5cm|14:200006155#12cmBol Chantant Tibétain Himalaya
Tibetan Himalayan Singing Bowl
Sale priceFrom €53,90
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|<none>Bol Tibétain Chantant
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Sale price€48,90
Petit Autel BouddhistePetit Autel Bouddhiste
Small Buddhist Altar
Sale priceFrom €89,00
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Attrape Rêve Yin YangAttrape Rêve Yin Yang
Yin Yang Dream Catcher
Sale price€27,90
Banc de méditation JaponaisBanc de méditation Japonais - S 30x20x11cm
Japanese meditation bench
Sale price€49,90
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Banc de méditation PliableBanc de méditation Pliable - S 22x12x10 cm
Foldable meditation bench
Sale priceFrom €49,90
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|<none>Tabouret de méditation
Meditation stool
Sale price€75,00

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