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your haven and authentic source for articles imbued with the essence of Buddhist culture. Nestled in the heart of Thailand, our store is not just a point of sale, it is an invitation to a spiritual journey to the heart of Buddhism.

Bouddha Bouddhisme, mission humanitaire dans 6 pays d'Asie

Our history

Since our humble beginning in 2018 in a small boutique in Bangkok, our passion for Buddhism and our commitment to sharing this cultural wealth have made us much more than a reference in the field: a true bridge between the Orient and the West.

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Our Spiritual Commitment

Our ultimate goal is to promote the meticulous work of local artisans, guardians and fervent defenders of Buddhist culture. Each item we offer is a reflection of our commitment: to provide high-quality products that embody the wisdom, peace and tranquility of Buddhism.

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Reflections of Inner Peace

Explore our diverse collection: hand-carved Buddha statues, spiritual jewelry, intricately painted thangkas and much more. Each piece is an invitation to connect with the essence of Buddhism.

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Why Buddha-Buddhism.com?


Unique pieces, directly acquired from Thai artisans, bearers of tradition and ancestral know-how.


We meticulously select each product for its beauty and symbolism, thus ensuring impeccable quality.


True to our mission, we strive to preserve Buddhist cultural heritage by supporting local crafts and telling you their stories.


More than a store, a link between you and the soul of Buddhism.