Prière Bouddhiste En Tatouage

People from all over the world, most of whom are stars and fanatics of Buddhist culture, travel to Bangkok to seek the blessing and spiritual powers of Thai magic tattoo. But what kind of prayer contains this famous tattoo called “Sak Yant”?

Sak Yant, sacred tattoo

Buddhism is more of a belief than a religion. Certain practices are important for believers, including prayer. The latter can be done in several forms and can be presented in several aspects. The most popular look chosen by disciples is the sacred tattoo known as Yantra or Sak Yant. “Sak” means tattoo “Yant” means sacred prayer. It comes from the ancestral traditions of Asian cultures represented mainly by Thai cultures.

It is a Buddhist art which symbolizes a deep belief and follows precise rules. Based on the Yantras, which are nothing more than geometric designs of psalms and Buddhist prayers, the Sak Yant would be a guarantee of protection for those who wear it. In addition, it is a kind of prayer and sacred objects, which protects against dangers and can help save our lives. They have the power to make our lives stronger.

The magic of the Sak Yant tattoo

At first glance, the Sak Yant looks like a decorative tattoo, but it is not. Each tattoo design has its own meaning and significance, but what they have in common is their sacredness. And even in terms of operating mode, the Sak Yant is exceptional. There are two methods of doing this: the first involves using needles without using ink, while the second, a traditional method, involves piercing the skin with a sharp bamboo stick dipped in ink.


The most common and chosen form of ink tattoo is the “ha taew”. It is said that the magic of this tattoo is transferred inside oneself without leaving a trace. Once tattooed, the part(s) of the human body are charged with magical powers. Most of the time people choose hand, forearm, forehead and back.

The tattoo, a sacred message

It is important to note that tattooing and Buddhist prayer are inseparable. This prayer is accompanied by a belief and strengthens the faith of the faithful. Buddha, their teacher, shared Buddhist philosophy with them through meditation. This meditation, which dates back two and a half thousand years, allowed him to acquire extreme wisdom. Every quote he shares and every teaching he gives revolves around this wisdom. Known for its aspect of preserving inner and outer peace, the messages of the Buddha Master have become sacred.

The messages are translated into prayers and the prayers are then represented in different forms. Tattooing is the most common and chosen form not only in Asian countries but also in Western countries in the last ten years. So, the Buddhist tattoo does not look like an ordinary or basic tattoo, but it is a tattoo that conveys a sacred message. The number of tattoo enthusiasts who choose this sacred tattoo is now around 100,000.

Ajarn Noo Kanpai, master of Buddhist tattoo

sacred buddhism tattoo

Ajarn Noo Kanpai known as Noo is a former monk who excels in the art of protective and spiritual tattooing, including Sak Yant. He tattoos good things so bad things like curses and ghosts can't get to them. It is well known that Noo began practicing ancient Khmer spells, using Buddhist chants and spells during his teenage years.

After joining monks in several temples, he trained under them and later established the famous “Samnak”, which is none other than his own tattoo institute. Tattooing is a way for him to share his thoughts, values, beliefs, ideas and designs. According to him, all professional tattooists can do a Sak Yant, but the tattoo will remain a purely symbolic design without meaning nor value. To preserve the authenticity and sacredness of the tattoo, it is essential to know the mantras necessary for blessings.

Noo’s famous ha taew

Noo, the master of Sak Yant designed the five rows called ha taew. It has the power to bring balance to people's lives and bless them. It has a meaning that may vary depending on the tattoo master but, has the following five lines:

  • Row 1: Protects and purifies the house by keeping enemies away;
  • Row 2: Prevents bad karma and bad luck from taking hold;
  • Row 3: Protects against black magic and curses;
  • Row 4: Guarantees success and fortune, and brings good luck
  • Row 5: Serves as an attraction that has the power to make you attractive.

ha taew de Noo

These lines are basic and invariable. Each row is linked to a prayer and is believed to bring change in the life of the tattooed person.

The scope of the Buddhist tattoo

Buddhist tattoos are attracting more and more people. In recent years, Westerners have become interested and are going to temples in Thailand to have an authentic tattoo done by a real monk. Renowned stars like Angelina Jolie with her “king of tigers” design and model Cara Delevigne decided to get tattooed by Ajarn Noo Kanpai. Since both women wore their tattoos, this original Buddhist tradition has flourished through the media and social networks. This also helped promote the tourism sector in Thailand's tattoo-hosting country, Bangkok. Indeed, each tattoo represents a prayer and a blessing for the tattooed person, especially when it is a monk or Noo who performs it .



Bonjour, je suis actuellement en Asie et je cherche un temple qui tatoo ces prières avec la cérémonies qui va avec, auriez vous un contact ? merci beaucoup

Van meenen

Je voudrait me faire tatouer un tatouage sak yant

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