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Over the years, many religions have been instilled in society around the world, including Buddhism. Indeed, the fashion of Buddhism has become essential for various countries. It is towards Buddhist meditation that new believers are heading these days to draw the strength to face the bad weather of daily life.

Is Buddhism fashion still relevant?

Buddhism has spread in surprising ways throughout the world. Indeed, the fashion of Buddhism is no longer a secret for everyone. Passing through Western countries, France, Buddhism has also spread considerably on the Asian continent. Indeed, the Buddhist religion has spread particularly in the countries of Asia East and South East . This is not known from the XXe century< /a> until the phenomenon reachesthe West.

Buddhism: what is it?

The Buddhism alludes to such a dimension philosophical that it is sometimes perceived by a certain number of its believers rather as a philosophy more than religion. Note that Buddhist meditation draws its origins from the four noble truths namely:

  • the truth of suffering or the incessant gloom
  • the truth of the origin of the suffering caused by the desire and affection
  • the truth of the possibility of ending suffering through detachment
  • the truth of the path leading to the cessation of suffering, which turns out to be the middle path of the noble eightfold path .

The followers' point of view regarding the notoriety of Buddhism

In addition to sympathizers, followers also come to the long list of people who contribute to the fashion of Buddhism. From their point of view, they believe that Buddhism constitutes an unsuspected number of ethical values ​​including mercy, responsibility, indulgence, to which they apply. Additionally, the fact that Buddhism is not an illustrated religion also sparks this interest. Indeed, it is a practical precept combined with everyone's experience. This was also supported by Buddha through the famous quote: “Do not believe what I tell you if you do not experience it for yourself. »

Buddhist meditation: how to explain its popularity?

The stress caused by the routine of daily life is sometimes difficult to overcome. Faced with this situation, more and more people are trying to find escapes, particularly through Buddhist meditation. Excessive materialism and relentless competition leave no moment of respite for many individuals. In such a situation, some people are more inclined to find comfort and peace in the tranquility that Buddhism offers. The Buddhist fashion can be reflected inmany reasons.

In a way, Buddhist meditation turns out to be a kind of retreat from the difficulty of today's world. For other people, the Buddhist religion has become a method of introspection of oneself and others. It therefore seems obvious that more and more people are choosing this practice to support their personal development but also to be in harmony with those around them.

Buddhism around the world

Across the world, the number of people adhering to Buddhism is increasing exponentially. Indeed, the fashion for Buddhism has become contagious from one country to another. Thanks to the bordering position of Asian countries practicing Buddhist meditation, the integration of the Buddhist religion in Australia has taken place gradually. As an estimate, the number of Buddhists in the world are appreciated at around 500 million, among others, 7 to 8% of the world population in 2010.

How does the West react to the trend of Buddhism?

After having been the subject of numerous studies, the Buddhism religion gained ground in the West, notably in the second half of the 20th century. The arrival of Buddhism in the West can be explained by its expansion in various European countries and the United States. In principle, Westerners are wise and practicing people. They are not satisfied with just the theory but they also want to experience the results of a practice. Meditation, which has proven to be an appropriate discipline for this kind of mentality, fits perfectly with this vision. Also, the fashion for Buddhism in the West happened very quickly.

How many people declare themselves Buddhists in France?

Very fashionable since the 1970s, Buddhism is no longer a fashion, it has practically become a phenomenon which has established itself in the religious universe of the French. If the number of French Buddhists is quite small, however, the circle of sympathizers increases exponentially. Indeed, more and more French people are falling under the spell of Buddhism fashion. For information, around five million people claim to be sympathizers of this religion in France.

Their acceptance into the Buddhist religion took place very quickly and without constraint. From then on, after Christianity, Islam and Judaism, Buddhism is ranked fourth in France.

The spread of Buddhism in Asia

Appearing in India, in the Ganges valley around the 4th century BC, the fashion for Buddhism spread very quickly throughout Asia. Currently, this practice comes in three very distinct forms.

  • The Theravada which is found mainly in the countries of South-East Asia. It is consistent with the practices of early Buddhism, including the “Hinayana derision”
  • Mahâyâna is practiced more in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. For this type of Buddhist practice, the monastic state does not constitute the necessary condition for Awakening. According to this precept, every human being can achieve salvation.
  • The Vajrayâna was deployed in Tibet, Mongolia and the Himalayan countries. This is the extension of Mahâyâna. It refers to Tibetan Buddhism, which involves magic and the supernatural.

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