Prière Bouddha Thaï

Theravada Buddhism, also called the “doctrine of the elders” is the main religion in Thailand. It is based on numerous texts based on the words of Buddha. The natives and natives of Thailand, pursuing Buddhism, say a Thai Buddha prayer in the morning, in the evening, before the meal and at all important times during the day.

History of Thai Buddhism

Theravada Buddhism, practiced in Thailand, was born from the opposition between monks and reformed practitioners. Its members are higher than those of traditional Buddhism. This ideology absolutely rejects the presence of a creator God. Then, Thai Buddhism considers that the salvation of the soul is not obtained through various cults.

As far as practical life is concerned, this philosophy encourages everyone to seek the truth within themselves in order to achieve a specific goal. If your personal conviction leads you to follow this form of Buddhism, you must cite a Thai Buddha prayer. Start by praying as follows:

“O You who live hidden in the depths of my heart, reveal to me the immensity of your spirit and make me feel your living presence! »

The objectives of the Thai Buddha prayer

When reciting a Thai Buddha prayer, the follower of Buddhism's main goal is to achieve enlightenment. Thus, it is important to pray for yourself in order to have the wisdom and motivation necessary to face the challenges of daily life. This prayer is not addressed to God or other masters of the universe. It allows us to request the fulfillment of the urgent needs of human beings, so that everyone lives in happiness.

“Make me the germ from which your light will be born.
That I can break the cocoon of self!
Like the grain who dies to find life,
make me cross without fear the doors of death,
so that I awaken to the other life , more vast:
the life of your love which knows how to embrace everything,
the love of your wisdom from which nothing is hidden. »

The rules of Buddha prayer in Thailand

prayer bouddha

In Thailand, followers of Buddhism carry out voluntary work in order to find the salvation of the soul. Many participate in the repair of the temple and the construction of Buddhist monuments. The Thai Buddha prayer is especially encouraged in the temple. Which does not prevent followers from praying privately at home.

Respect the three jewels

Every practitioner of Buddhism must emphasize the “three jewels.” These include Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. It is good to know that Dharma concerns doctrine while Sangha designates its community. The latter brings together religious people, monks and the faithful. In every Thai Buddha prayer, Buddha must be the center of attention of the devotee. Many Buddhists in Thailand recite this prayer:

“You have reached the end of pain,

You have crossed to the other shore, you are holy,

Perfect Buddha, I think that all passion is destroyed in you: glorious, wise, of high reason,

You made me reach the end of pain. »

Think particularly of beggars

Monks were previously beggars. Buddhism in Thailand takes into consideration compassion for the poor. All Buddhists must give up their possessions to save others. We must not forget that in his teachings, Buddha placed an emphasis on prioritizing the needs of others before thinking about oneself. This is why devotees spend time taking care of the temple. It is not uncommon to find passages reserved for beggars in the Thai Buddha Prayer:

“Bless the beggar, that he may live in the desert.

You grieve, my sister, at the confusion of the world,

Joys and sorrows, however, are fleeting.

Your current suffering could be transformed,

Certainly become lasting happiness.

Also, listen to your older brother's song!

With gratitude for all beings who are my parents

I practice the doctrine in this place. »

Have a man recite the prayer

Buddha, the founding spiritual leader of Buddhism, did not give too much importance to women. Few women are admitted into the community. Obviously, monks far outnumber nuns. These are subject to very strict disciplinary rules. In Thailand, the head of the family, including the father, says a Thai Buddha prayer to ask for protection for his offspring and for all human beings around the world who need help.

“May all beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness,

May they be free from suffering and the causes of suffering,

May they never be separated from the great happiness devoid of suffering,

May they remain in great equanimity”

The essential ritual objects in the Thai Buddha prayer

When you prepare to pray at a Buddhist temple in Thailand, the spiritual journey is characterized by symbolic objects. You must equip yourself with the ghanta and the vajra. The ghanta is a kind of bell which represents wisdom linked to awakening as well as femininity. As for the vajra, a diamond thunderbolt, it evokes masculinity and the path to compassion. To end the Thai Buddha prayer, choose an incantation for peace:

“Let those who are afraid stop being afraid,

And let those who are bound be set free.

Let those who have no power find it,

And let men think of making friends with one another.

May everything that breathes, without enemies, without obstacles, overcoming pain and achieving happiness, can move freely, each in the path that is destined for it. »

Activities of Buddhists

Buddhists organize a pilgrimage to recite the Thai Buddha prayer over a long distance. It is the spiritual masters who carry out this activity in order to provide a source of inspiration to the faithful. Several events are also on the program, depending on the liturgical calendar, including ceremonies, processions and illuminations.

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