vibration des 7 chakras

The Chinese culture has long used the chakras to strengthen vital energy, but also to be in harmony with the universe. Finding the right balance between the chakras is a good way to condition the spiritual, physical and emotional life. The vibration of the 7 chakras, this rotating energy which awakens in every living being, allows you to find peace with yourself. However, it is essential that this vibration resonates with our vital energy and to do this, we must know how to balance the chakras.

Explanations on the 7 chakras, nadis and kundalini

All physical forms that make up the universe also have an energy body. Concerning human beings, we all have a central channel of energy, called Sushumna. This channel runs through our body vertically, following the spine. Also called “kundalini” or spiritual force, it is this channel that carries your life force. It encompasses the components of the subtle body such as the Chakra. It also encompasses the “Nadis”, the energy pathways that flow through the body. In addition, Kundalini can be described as a potential force in the human organism, because it is he who animates the physical body. In other words, it is the force that differentiates a corpse from a living being.

In the body, there are seven chakras and they are all located along the sushumna. Each of the chakras is represented in the form of double cones. The first is at the base of the spine, at the pelvic region. According to certain beliefs, this chakra is the point of connection of the human being with the earth. The other chakras align vertically on the spine. The last, especially the one at head level, represents the connection with God, celestial objects and universal intelligence.

Note that each chakra has its own characteristics and its own color. Indeed, each color corresponds to a very specific element and particular functions. To better enlighten you on this subject, here are the main chakra colors:

  • The root chakra: red.
  • The sacral chakra: orange.
  • The solar plexus chakra: yellow.
  • The heart chakra: green.
  • Throat chakra: turquoise.
  • The third eye chakra: Indigo.
  • The crown chakra: purple.

Note that knowledge of the chakra system comes from Hindu traditions. Thus, we take this culture as a reference in the presentation of the colors of each chakra.

The vibrational frequency of the chakras

Although the chakras are capable of conditioning physical and emotional behavior, you should know that they do not vibrate at the same frequency. Each part of the body has a particular vibrational harmony. Every emotion, every thought, every organ... everything that exists within you, emits different vibrations, even if they are grouped together. However, you should know that all your energies are grouped in your energy centers, the chakras. They are considered a pathway through which energy travels.

When the chakras are open, it creates a feeling of balance and harmony in your body and mind. The chakras vibrate constantly and if they are in the presence of another frequency, they awaken. If the latter vibrates sympathetically, we can feel a “harmonic resonance”. This phenomenon only occurs when the chakra frequency is tuned to the frequency produced by the object.

Indeed, the principle of harmonic resonance shows the importance of chakra vibrations in your life. However, it must be kept in mind that this phenomenon only occurs if the two frequencies are in perfect harmony. When disturbed, the vibrational frequency of the chakras can become a source of problems on both a spiritual and physical level.

This is why it is important to know how to balance your 7 chakras, according to their colors and the frequencies around us. Beyond their therapeutic action, the sound of each chakra can be used to reinforce our energy in a positive way, where our body needs it most.

Correspondence of the 7 Chakras with the 7 musical notes

Thanks to harmonic resonance, we can also translate the frequencies and colors of the chakras into musical notes. From now on, we can play the musical notes and sing the colors like a musical scale. Whether you like to play African tribal music, Eastern music or Western classical music, there are only seven notes.

If the notes are in tune, it creates music and if they are out of tune, it only creates noise. It is this same principle that is translated into the chakras. If the person (or their chakra) is in total harmony with those around them, what you are would be in perfect harmony and otherwise, you become just noise.

When you introduce a sound into an oscilloscope, the instrument gives it a certain shape. Thus, each sound can be translated by a form and when there is a vibration, there necessarily exists sound. As the seven notes all have their meanings, we can therefore associate it with the sound of each Aum chakra. Ancient cultures understood that everything that exists is of the same nature. Moreover, certain cultures have even demonstrated that there is a correspondence between musical notes and our subtle body.

In India, there are ancestral melodies which allow the Kundalini to rise and fall in a particular way. These melodies are called ragas and they are generally used for divine inspiration, for incarnations and to implore the saints. In the West, the correspondence between musical notes and chakras are translated by vibrations. Vibration is used as a means to stimulate the mind, through chakra music. Furthermore, this is not the case for all genres of music, but only for those which emit “universal vibrations.”



Merci pour cette information je sais maintenant que la musique Indoue est la plus productive pour les chacras très intéressant et j’en aurais aimé plus à lire!!!!


Merci beaucoup pour votre site, très enrichissant

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