The infinity symbol has deep meaning for spirituality, love, beauty and power. The mysticism of our past and the possibility of an eternal future gives the symbol of infinity a feeling of awe and wonder.

In a world filled with distractions and complications,the symbol of infinity represents a sense of simplicity and balance. It reminds us that we need to be aware of where we are and the infinite possibilities available to us.

But what is the meaning of the infinity symbol? What are the origins of infinity?

The story of infinity is a beautiful insight into the curious mind of human beings. We've thought about this idea for thousands of years and we're no closer to the answer today than we were a millennium ago. And yet, we are still fascinated by the idea and symbolism of infinity.

In this article, we hope to give you a better understanding of the origin of the infinity symbol, its meaning in different cultures and reasons why you might want to incorporate the symbol of eternity into your life.

What does infinity mean?


Infinity is eternal. Infinity cannot be measured. If we could do that, it would cease to be infinite. In a finite world, where almost everything has a predetermined end, the concept of something lasting forever is almost magical.

In short, infinity is something that cannot be measured. He is eternal. Infinity...

The meaning of infinity in modern times

Meaning of the infinity symbol in spirituality and meditation

Infinity has important meaning in faith, spirituality and religious beliefs. Infinity is mentioned in Christianity, Taoism< /strong>, Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), buddhism and many more.

meaning-symbole -infini

The fascinating thing about the meaning of infinity in religion is that all beliefs seem to come to a similar conclusion. Life is infinite. Our time on earth may be limited, but our souls exist forever.

In meditation, the infinity symbol is used to remind us of balance, concentration, harmony, peace and unity.

Cross of Infinity

The cross of infinity represents the eternal Being, in other words God. Religious people wear an infinity cross to show their love for God and the eternal promise of their faith or religion.

Meaning of the infinity symbol for love

In ancient India and Tibet, infinity represented dualism and unity between man and woman. For couples, this is a great analogy.

The popularity of infinity symbols in fashion

In fashion, the infinity symbol is often associated with elegance and simplicity. The beauty of the symbol lies in its minimalism. The infinity symbol adds an accent of sophistication and can be worn with any outfit or look.

In some cases, the infinity symbol is used to inspire an outfit without the design in eight. The best example of this is the infinity scarf made popular by Calvin Klein.

In recent years, the infinity symbol has gained popularity. The symbol mainly appears in jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and... watches :). Infinity tattoos are also very popular and can incorporate an individual's particular meaning or symbolism.

The history of the philosophy of infinity

Ancient Egypt and the Ouroboros


The oldest and most famous representation of infinity is the Ouroboros (Uroborus), adopted by the Greeks in the year 400.

The circular symbol represents a serpent, or dragon, devouring its tail. While the Ouroboros was adopted by the Greeks in 400 AD, the symbol actually dates back to ancient Egypt in the 14th century BC

Many believe that the Ouroboros Ouroboros symbolizes infinity, and it kind of is. However, at the time, the Ouroboros represented the cycle of birth and death, also known as the circle of life.

The Ouroboros is depicted for the first time on one of the shrines surrounding Tutankhamun's sarcophagus.The symbol continues to appear throughout ancient Egypt and into Roman times. At this time, the auroboros often appears in talismans and magical emblems.

Ouroboros in alchemy, gnosticism and kundalini

The Ouroboros appears in alchemical texts, an ancient branch of natural philosophy. In this depiction, the Ouroboros is half black and half white, which would represent Gnostic duality.

This idea reflects that of the famous yin and yang, where the opposing forces within ourselves and in the universe are linked.

In Gnosticism, the symbol of the serpent devouring its tail represents eternity and the soul of the world.

yoga -Kundalini-infinity-symbol

One of the most popular forms of yoga, Kundalini, also uses the symbolism of the Ouroboros. An excerpt from the text on Kundalini, the Yoga-kundalini Upanishad, reads: "The divine power, Kundalini Upanishad, is the symbol of Kundalini:

"The divine power, Kundalini, shines like the stem of a young lotus; like a snake, coiled on itself, it holds its tail in its mouth and lies half asleep at the base of the body"

It is incredible to think that the Ouroboros and its connection with the idea of eternity have been passed down for thousands of years to people and cultures around the world.

Meaning of infinity in ancient Greece

The oldest philosophy or idea of ​​the infinite dates back to ancient Greece, the pre-Socratic era, 610-546 BC. The Greek philosopher Anaximander was the first to develop the idea of ​​cosmology. Anaximander believed that the universe originated from the Apeiron, which means infinite or unlimited in Greek.

Significance of infinity in Ancient Greece

Anaximander's philosophy consisted of explaining how the aperion, or eternal movement of time, caused the separation of opposites, such as hot and cold or night and day, at the moment of the birth of the world.

He adds that the world itself is not infinite, but that it will one day be destroyed and return to the aperion to give birth to new worlds. This is how life perpetuates itself.

If the philosophy of infinity was first developed by Anaximander, the first use of mathematical infinity is due to another Greek philosopher, Zeno of Elea, around 415 BC. Even today, mathematicians remain perplexed by Zeno's theories on motion and infinity.

Significance of infinity in ancient India

Circa 4-3 BC. In 5000 BC, early Indian mathematicians studied what is known as Jain mathematics, which classifies numbers into three sets: enumerable, uncountable and infinite.

Meaning of infinity in India

While studying Jain mathematics, mathematicians noticed two types of infinite numbers:

  • Asaṃkhyāta - incalculable / innumerable
  • Ananta - infinite / unlimited

Meaning of infinity in cosmology

The theory of infinity in cosmology can lead you down a seemingly limitless rabbit hole. Philosophers and astronomers have long debated whether the universe is finite or infinite. How many stars are there in the universe? Can we count them? Where does the universe begin and end? How many galaxies are there and where do they end?

Significance of infinity in cosmology

These questions have been asked for centuries. The first published theory of a limitless universe was formulated by Thomas Digges in 1576. Today, astrophysicists, astronomers, philosophers and everyone else theorize and dream about infinity and the possibilities of an infinite universe .

In numerology, the number 8 represents wealth and power. This number possesses such power that it requires discipline and hard work to effectively harness its true potential.

The infinity sign can represent many different things, such as:

💕Endless Love - Infinity is forever, eternal love can touch us once and last a lifetime, and never let go until we let's leave. Although the concept of infinity or eternity cannot truly be grasped, it represents the desire for something to be eternal, such as a love or connection. The two interconnected circles, each representing an aspect of the relationship, encompass the idea of ​​being "together forever."

This is the reason why many couples choose to wear the infinity symbol as an accessory or tattoo to express their love and connection.

💕 Eternity / endless time - Symbol of infinity also known as the symbol of eternity or eternity, it also becomes more and more popular in jewelry design and tattoo art. Its effect is felt via the energy field of our skin and through our deepest being.

💕 Harmony< /strong> - It can also be extremely effective when used to restore harmony to problematic relationships, whether the conflict is within oneself or with others; in this regard, it teaches us a way of understanding how seemingly irreconcilable opposites can be brought together. It helps us find a new perspective on seemingly intractable problems.

💕 Healing Power - The infinity symbol can also provide healing assistance. By visualizing or drawing the lemniscate as a symbol, we can use it on any part of the body where balance and harmony are needed.

💕 Decision-Making Aid - The infinity symbol, a closed loop with no beginning or end, can provide you with unlimited energy if you find yourself in a debilitating situation. It is also considered a powerful tool in kinesiology and is used to integrate the left and right halves of the brain, bringing harmony to a person as a whole, in mind, body and spirit.

💕 Constant renewal / the circle of life - Life comes from death and with destruction comes creation of infinite cycles of renewal and vice versa.

💕 Balance and harmony (between man/woman, light/darkness, etc.) - In a world full of distractions and complications, the symbol of infinity represents a sense of simplicity and balance.

The power of the infinity symbol can also be used to restore the connection between people in a harmonious way and to promote loving and peaceful relationships. Imagine yourself in one of the two loops and the other person in the other loop. In your mind, continue to trace around the infinity sign that now connects you until you feel that everything has reached a balance and any negative emotions or thoughts have been put to rest again.

💕 Ultimate Power - Infinity reminds us that there are no limits. The possibilities are endless, but there are no limits to what we do or where we are.

💕 Unity of "all" / connectedness - The spiritual meaning of the infinity symbol relates to our spiritual growth. Lemniscate, as a symbol of infinity and eternity, opens another level of consciousness in the symbol of infinite eternity, which helps us reestablish our lost oneness with Creation and feel ourselves again connected to the world.

💕 A number greater than the largest possible number - Its shape recalls the number 8. And the number 8, in the religious context, is the number of initiates - those who have completed the seven stages of awakening and crossed the seven heavens. The spiritual meaning of infinity is also associated with the power of resurrection and the energy of regeneration, symbolizing happiness and heaven. In Chinese tradition, it is synonymous with wealth and prosperity and is used in Feng-Shui to make living spaces harmonious.

So what does the infinity symbol mean in Conclusion?

Instead of providing you with just one meaning, we have divided this section to represent the many ideas, cultures and beliefs for which the infinity symbol has meaning.

First use of the infinity symbol

Since the theory of infinity is closely linked to mathematics, it is logical that it was a mathematician who was the first to use the symbol for infinity. Between 1643 and 1689, John Wallis served as the principal cryptographer to the British Parliament.

In 1655, the infinity symbol was first introduced by Wallis as a notation in one of his calculations. 1/∞ is an infinitesimal that is so small that it cannot be measured. If we think of this concept in relation to our place in the universe, Earth can probably be measured as 1/∞!

Wallis's work is considered one of the sources of inspiration for the development of calculus and inspired many great mathematicians and philosophers, including Sir Isaac Newton.

In his famous De analysi per aequationes numero terminorum infinitas of 1699, Newton talks about equations with infinite numbers.

Infinite and lemniscate

The origins of the lemniscate date back to the Neoplatonic Greek philosopher Proclus, around the 5th century AD, when he studied the cross sections of a torus. In his studies, Proclus noticed that when sections crossed, they took the shape of a figure eight. Proclus called this shape a horse's hobble, because it looked like two horse's hooves joined together. People often make the connection between the infinity symbol and the lemniscate symbol. Although these symbols both incorporate an 8 shape, they were used in a different context and at a different time in history.

Lemniscate - Wikipedia

So although the lemniscate symbol predates the infinity symbol, it has been identified as part of a much larger form. The lemniscate was made famous by James Booth in the 19th century, when he developed the Booth curve or Proclus' hippopedus.

Today, the lemniscate closely represents the symbol for infinity and both are therefore recognized as variations of the same form.

Infinity seems like a simple concept, right? Yes and no. The symbol of infinity holds deep meaning for many cultures. It is not easy to define it.

Questions and answers about the infinity symbol

When was the infinity symbol first used?

The infinity symbol was first used in 1655 by the cryptographer of the British Parliament, John Wallis, to denote 1/∞, which is infinitesimal, that is, so small that it cannot be measured.

What does the infinity heart symbol mean?

The heart at infinity represents endless or infinite love. It is usually a close bond between friends, family members or partners.

What does the double infinity symbol mean?

The double infinity symbolizes an eternal bond between two people. The two symbols are intertwined, representing unity and commitment.

What does the Swedish Evil One symbol mean?

The Swedish Evil One is a symbol of infinity with an arrow breaking through the center. It means that to grow, one must experience setbacks and challenges.

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